Kenny Endo

One of the leading personas in contemporary percussion and rhythm, KENNY ENDO is at the vanguard of the taiko genre, continuing to carve new territory in Japanese drumming.

A performer, composer, and teacher of taiko, he has received numerous awards and accolades. Kenny began his taiko career with LA's Kinnara Taiko and San Francisco Taiko Dojo in 1975. He lived in Japan from 1980-1990 and performed professionally with Osuwa Daiko, O Edo Sukeroku Taiko, and Eitetsu Hayashi. In Tokyo, Kenny studied Edo Bayashi (Tokyo festival music) with Kenjiro Maru and hogaku hayashi (classical drumming) with Saburo and Bokusei Mochizuki eventually receiving a natori (stage name and license) in the Mochizuki school.

He has performed for Michael Jackson, Prince, opened for The Who, performed with singer Bobby McFerrin, and is featured on the soundtracks for Kayo Hatta's film "Picture Bride", Francis Ford Coppola&s "Apocalypse Now", and worked on James Cameron's "Avatar". Kenny is a consummate artist, blending taiko and collaborating with artists from around the world. Kenny is proud to perform on taiko provided courtesy of Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten.

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Frank Horvat

An accomplished multi-genre composer who has made the tricky musical leap that allows him to pursue a niche of his own, Frank Horvat gives his audiences time and space to reflect in this fast-paced world. His compositions tell deeply personal stories while permitting audiences to ponder their own.

Whether he writes for his band, the concert stage or film/TV, his music is both aggressive and introspective. Influenced by the post-modern idea of eclecticism, his compositions have a driving minimalism and a haunting reflection. With more than four album releases slated for 2017, stay tuned for his powerful, brutal and heartfelt electro-chamber album, The Current Agenda, on six different social justice issues.

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Rob Oxenbridge

Rob Oxenbridge has been writing music for media since 2010, launched from an earlier ongoing love of playing guitar and song writing.

His focus has been creating works for production music libraries leading to a long list of credits, including spots in trailer and promos for Star Wars: Rogue One, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Maleficent, Gotham, Reign and more.

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Sean Jackson

Sean says it best himself, so we'll let him...

"I'm probably as eccentric and fiercely passionate as it gets. That's my nice way of putting it. Everyone else tells me I take music too seriously.

I just want good art and to meet other people who share that commitment. In the meantime, I'll just keep pretending I'm an extrovert while I sit back down to compose. Cause the bottom line is, that's what I love most."

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Rannoch Purcell

Rannoch (Razz) Purcell (Founder/Teacher of Taiko Zentrum Deutschland) has been studying, performing and teaching taiko since 2004 and is responsible for founding the first academically accredited high-school Taiko programs in both the United States & Germany. He hold a Masters Degree in Education and Bachelors and Associates degrees in Music Performance. Rannoch is also a professional composer and vocalist and lifelong musician and yogi.

When time (and geographic location) allows, Rannoch also writes songs with his brother, Randon, under the name Adom9.

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On Ensemble

Established in 2002, On Ensemble is one of the most respected ensembles in the taiko (Japanese drumming) world.

Led by childhood friends Shoji Kameda and Masato (Maz) Baba, On Ensemble is recognized for infusing the powerful rhythms of taiko with a wide range of musical influences from jazz and rock to central asian overtone singing.Their fearless musical exploration has expanded the artistic range of the taiko and has taken these ancient instruments into new realms.

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Henrietta Atkin

Henrietta Atkin works as a music director in Chicago.

Her compositions have been signed and licensed through a number of production music libraries in the U.S. You can hear her work on Soundcloud.

You can learn more about Henrietta and her music projects at:

Randon Purcell

Randon has been writing music for over 25 years, but since 2015 he has been primarily focused on music for media.

Aside from the occasional solo songs and work he composes with his brother, Rannoch, under the name Adom9, Randon focuses on writing for production music libraries. His list of credits include spots in many popular shows and networks, including Mythbusters, HBO Vice, and Hotel Impossible.

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Hareth Mhedi

Hareth started his musical education from his childhood in Dair Azzour city and grew up with the heritage of Syria's eastern region and Euphrates in general, which is evident in his later works.

Hareth has specialized at the "Oud" and in 2009 studied at the hands of many teachers. He, with his friend Qaisar Abu Zar, formed "Arius Band", performing many concerts in both Syria and Turkey. His compositions and songs reflect the heritage he absorbed as well as his vision of the modern Arabic music. He has been performing with "Saba Barada" since 2014.

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