Syria Relief & Development

We partnered with an amazing humanitarian organization, Syria Relief & Development, who handled donations for us.

You can read more about them and the amazing work they do every day and make donations directory to them here:

The compositions featured on this album were created or contributed from the impetus of tragedy and loss on a grand scale. World crises such as Aleppo have become all too commonplace and frequent in the world today. As composers, we hope this music will give people a moment to reflect on the innocent victims of such tragedies, to become more aware of our own humanity and our responsibility to affect positive change in our world - be it in our local and national communities or our world community.

For every donation to our campaign, we gave a copy of the Never Again Is Now album.

While this campaign has officially ended, our belief in our ability to bring about change and help those in need lives on. Please consider making donations to any organization out there doing good, and help us spread the good in humanity.